Haverhill Public Schools Mathematics Vertical Team
Fourth Annual Math Museum

The purpose of the Math Museum is to present all HPS students, Kindergarten through high school, with an exciting opportunity through which they can …
* Enhance their math knowledge by exploring a math topic and
communicating their mathematical ideas.
* Make connections between math and the world around them.
* Learn about a math topic not typically taught during the school year.
* Promote their self esteem through an independent education process.
* Learn what it takes to prepare and deliver a successful presentation.

The project can be done in school or at home … as a class, in a small group, or individually.

4:00pm- 5:30pm
Awards Ceremony & Reception @ 5:15pm
Haverhill High School Library

Please see a member of the Math Vertical Team for scoring rubric, organization & general information, and topic ideas.

Each school may submit no more than 3 entries per grade level.

If you have any questions, please contact Patty Juranovits (Math Curriculum Supervisor) at 420-1904 or pjuranovits@haverhill-ps.org

Scoring Rubric for Math Museum Projects


üInformation is very well organized.
üInformation flows well in sequence.
üTopic is clear and obvious.
üInformation is organized.
üInformation is reasonably sequenced.
üTopic is clear.
üInformation is weakly organized.
üFlow is choppy.
üTopic is difficult to determine.
üInformation is poorly organized.
üDifficult to follow.
üTopic is unclear.
üVery Interesting and engaging.
üAttractive use of color, diagrams, and text.
üInterest, motivation, effort and time obviously present.
üEngaging enough to hold attention.
üReasonably attractive use of color, diagrams, etc.
üSome effort and time apparent.
üSomewhat engaging
üLittle use of color or pictures.
üLittle time and effort apparent.
üDoes not catch attention.
üNo use of color or diagrams.
üInterest, motivation, effort and time obviously absent.
Mathematical Emphasis
üDemonstrates a strong link to the stated mathematical topic.
üMathematics is clearly explained.
üDemonstrates a link to the stated mathematical topic.
üMathematics is explained.
üDemonstrates some link to the mathematical topic.
ü Mathematics is not clearly explained.
üDemonstrates little or no link to the mathematical topic
üLittle mathematics is explained.
Mathematics Knowledge
üDemonstrate(s) a solid understanding of the mathematics.
üNo errors in mathematics
üDemonstrate(s) a good understanding of the mathematics.
üSlight error in mathematics
üDemonstrate(s) some understanding of the mathematics.
üMinimal errors in mathematics.
üDemonstrate(s) little or no understanding of the mathematics.
üA number of errors in the mathematics
Supporting Materials and Visuals
üWell-suited for the project.
üExcellent reinforcement to the ideas presented.
üSuited for the project.
üReinforce the ideas presented.
üSomewhat appropriate for the project.
üWeakly related to the topic.
üMinimally reinforce the ideas presented.
üNot appropriate for the project.
üDo not reinforce the ideas presented.




GRADE LEVEL: K-2 3-5 6-8 H.S.




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