Classroom Expectations


ALWAYS follow classroom rules!!
1. We will be polite at all times.
2. We will work quietly and not disturb others.
3. We will listen courteously when others are talking.
4. We will be friendly to fellow classmates
5. We will be truthful and honest.
6. We will respect our teacher and other adults.
7. We will be prepared for class every day
8. We will arrive at class on time.
9. We will cooperate with others.
10. We will always do our best.

General Classroom Expectations
Do not leave the classroom without permission. You must sign out and take a pass.
Come to class on-time and ready to learn.
Complete homework assignments neatly and on-time. Show all work!

When you enter class:
Please be seated and put your homework in the top right comer or your desk.
Complete the pre-class assignment/warm-up.

Homeroom Expectations

Children are to remain seated and read silently.
If you are absent bring a note from your parent, guardian, or doctor upon your return.
All students to lockers at 2:45pm.
Stack chairs at the end of each day and leave the classroom neat.