Helpful Websites


Moby Max (Moby Max)
Topic Specific Help (Khan Academy)
Homework Help (Interactive math dictionary) (instructional math "how to" videos) (discover math using Gizmos)
eNLVM (interactive online math lessons)
Back to Basics (Homework Video Tutors from Prentice-Hall)
Grade 7 Math/Pre-Algebra (Homework Video Tutors from Prentice-Hall)
Pre-Algebra (Homework Video Tutors from Prentice-Hall)
Algebra (Homework Video Tutors from Prentice-Hall)
Illuminations (NCTM activities) (for extra credit projects)
Math (get help - Ask Dr. Math and Math Tools)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (graph paper) (paper) (by
Mathway(A site where you can type in math questions and they give you the answer.)
HippocampusA( site where you can watch step by step math videos.)
A site where you can watch math videos

Math Game Websites
Free Rice
Math Arcade at
Math Moves You
Quia - searchable math games
Web Sudoku
Make Graphs(A site where you can make graphs)

Math Facts Practice
Factor Game (compete against a friend)
Quick Calculate (have a pencil ready)
Math Mayhem (compete against your classmates!)
Spacey Math
Math Fries
Tackle Math Ball
Crazy Taxi

Textbook References
Glencoe Math - Figure This!
Glencoe Course 2
Self-check quizzes
Chapter tests
Standardized Test Practice
Glencoe Course 3/Pre-Algebra
Self-check quizzes
Chapter tests
Standardized Test Practice
Pre-Algebra BrainPOPs

Enrichment-alphabetically by content
Absolute Value - Number Balls
Millionaire Equations game
Rags to Riches
Algebraic Expressions - Variable Math
Algebraic Reasoning
Coordinate Plane
Maze Game
Stock the Shelves
Funbrain - What's the Point?
Graph Mole Coordinate Plane game
Catch the Fly
Coordinate games from Woodlands Jr. School
Decimals - Decimals in Space
Math Frog: Ordering Decimals
Decimal & Whole Number Jeopardy
Adding & Subtracting Decimals Jeopardy
Multiplying Decimals Jeopardy
Multiplying & Dividing Decimals Jeopardy
Rounding Jeopardy
Place Value - Scooter Quest
Rounding - Rounding Decimals Matching
Half-court Rounding (choose 3 pointer)
Decimals of the Caribbean
Decimal Who Wants to be a Milliionare
Matching and Flashcards
Divisibility and Prime Battleship
Divisibility Rules Quiz
Vector Kids Divisibility Rules
Divisibility Game (how fast are you?)
Fractions, Ratios & Percents
Number Invaders (%)
Ratio and Proportion game
AAA Math Ratios
AAA Math Determining Ratios
AAA Math Unit Rate
Compare Decimals, Fractions & Percents
Fractions, Decimals & Percents
Penguin Waiter (percent calculations)
Troy's Toys (percent shopping)
Fraction Frenzy
Mystery Picture
Fractions in Space
Fraction Balls 1
Fraction Balls 2
Equivalent Fractions (Quia)
Equivalent Fractions (
Equivalent Fractions (NLVM)
Modeling Fraction Division on a number line
Reducing Fractions
Soccer Shootout
Fishy Fractions (no need to register)
XP Math - compare fractions
Melvin's Make-a-Match
Fresh Baked Fractions
Multiplying Fractions (print your score!)
Hidden Picture
Polygon Matching Game
Angles in Polygons
Classifying angles hangman
Area & Perimeter Battleship Jeopardy Area & Perimeter
Polygons and Shapes (multiple activities)
Angles (multiple activities)
Area & Perimeter (multiple activities)
Interactive Angles (parallel & perpendicular lines)
Number Balls
Line Jumper
Choose Math Operation
Subtraction with zero pairs - Colored Chips
Space Coupe to the RescueMean, Median and Mode
Mean, Median, Mode Millionaire
Mean, Median, Mode Millionaire Quiz
Order of Operations
Math Frog
Patterns - Scweb4free
Shodor Interactive
(Once on Shodor, click "Probability" to query 17
different probability activities)
The Monty Hall Problem
Ratio Stadium (race against your classmates)
Ratio Blaster (ratio "Space Invaders")
Scientific Notation
Column Match-up
Exponent Game
King Kong Scientific Notation Game
Simplifying Expressions - Math Man
Solving Equations
Albegra Planet Blaster
Bug Match 1
Equation Match 2
Pan Balance (NCTM Interactive introduction)
Quess the Number
Solving Equations Concentration
Solving Equations Matching
Solving Equations Battleship
Word Problems - Grand Slam Math
Word Problems with Katie
Math Hoops
Self-check Word Problems
Bite Size
Move the Rocket Ship
Move the Shape