C.D. Hunking Middle School

98 Winchester Street
Bradford, Massachusetts 01835
Phone: (978) 374-5787 Fax: (978) 372-5890

Principal: Dr. Dorothy Flaherty, Ed.D
Assistant Principal: Mr. Nathan Gage
Principal Clerk: Linda Kiefer

Discipline Policy

As we all know classroom management is vital when creating an environment based on academic growth and achievement. However, there are times when a student’s behavior takes away from his/her ability to learn and also impedes the learning process for others. When this occurs it is imperative that the teacher take steps to not only correct the behavior, but change it.
Educational research shows that in order to change student behavior, discipline cannot simply be punitive; there must also be an opportunity to learn from mistakes. Research also shows that time on learning is the most essential part of a child’s education, in other words, a child must be in class in order to learn. With this in mind, it is our responsibility to give students the opportunity to learn and change their negative behaviors.
Progressive Discipline is an educational model based on Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline. This model provides teachers with a series of steps that will help students change their behaviors so that they can remain productive members of their class.

Classroom Discipline Procedure (Progressive Discipline Model)
1) Every classroom should have the classroom expectations, rules, and consequences posted so that the teacher can refer to them when necessary. Students should have a voice when creating these.
2) Student is corrected (appropriate behavior explained and/or modeled) and warned about behavior
3) Student receives a classroom timeout – an area of the room where he/she cannot be a distraction, but can participate in lesson
4) Student receives a “buddy timeout” – sent to another classroom for a timeout
5) Principal and/or Assistant is asked to come to classroom to speak with student(s)
6) Student is sent out of the class

*When a student is a behavior problem in class, it is expected that the parents/guardians will be contacted about the issue.

Detentions / Suspensions

Teacher detentions:

  • Will be issued and served at the discretion of the teacher.
  • If a student skips a teacher detention, he/she will receive a phone call home and an office detention.
  • Students should be assigned detentions 24 hours before so parents can be contacted and transportation be arranged by the parents.

Office Detentions:

  • Will be served every Tuesday/Thursday with either Dr. Flaherty or Mr. Gage for ONE HOUR after school (2:45 – 3:45). Again, transportation must be provided by the parents.
  • If a student receives 3 Teacher detentions in the same quarter EVERY detention after that will be an office detention.
  • If a student skips detention he/she will receive a phone call home and an extra office detention. For example, if Steve had an office detention for Tuesday, but did not attend, Mr. Sierpina would call his parents and Steve would now have to make-up the detention on Thursday and serve an additional detention on the following Tuesday.
  • If a student skips a second office detention, the student’s parents will be called in to school for a meeting and he/she will spend the following school day in in-house suspension.
  • Students who have an office detention are to report to the main office at dismissal.

Teachers please note: When a student is sent out of class it does not mean an automatic office detention will be given. Dr. Flaherty or Mr. Gage will determine if the offense deserves a teacher detention, office detention, or otherwise. However, teachers can always assign a teacher detention.

In-house Suspension:

  • The in-house suspension room will be room 56.
  • When there are more than 2 students assigned in-house suspension, they will spend the day in room 56 with an aide.
  • When a student is placed in in-house, please make sure to send an appropriate amount of work so he/she is busy for the entire day.

Out-of-School Suspension:

  • This will be determined and handled by the administration.